Best Gourmet Toasties

Whether you’re a fully fledged carnivore, flexitarian, vegetarian, pescatarian or  vegan, everyone pretty much loves a great toastie. But how adventurous are you really when it comes to the more eclectic gourmet variety? For those willing to take the plunge, here’s our top picks.

For best results, don’t forget to butter both sides of your chosen bread inside and out, and for extra crisp factor use a plant based butter like Nuttelex*


THE MEXICANA: This Mexican style chilli jaffle from SBS FOOD is one seriously satisfying meal. Made with beef, pinto beans, chilli oil, jalapeno cheese,  tomatoes & spices, some of the ingredients may not be staples in your pantry, but they will be soon enough if you make this toastie for a chilli lover in your house.


THE SCHNITZ : For an Italian fix, TASTE.COM’S saltimbocca toastie ticks all the boxes. Saltimbocca, pronounced “saltimˈbokka” and translates as “ jumps in the mouth” is traditionally a marinated herb & veal dish. However, this toastie version is deliciously speedy, cheesy and hearty. Made with sourdough, veal schnitzel, prosciutto, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, sage and chutney it’s Italia in a toastie.


THE YABBY: Meanwhile Seafood lovers, we have you covered too with this drool-worthy decadent yabby jaffle recipe from GOURMET TRAVELLER. Created by Sean McConnell from the iconic Canberra restaurant Monster, this recipe is rather luxe and a bit more fiddlier than the average toastie. However, the combination of yabbies, crème fraîche, horseradish, shallots, chives, lemon juice, and Gruyère cheese is simply sublime.


MAPLE BACON ONION CHEEZE: If big, bold, bacon & cheese style with a twist pecks your interest check out this man-sized bite from New York Blogger OLIVIAS CUISINE. Despite its odd namesake (Train Wreck Grilled Cheese) this toastie  is a keeper. Layered on a grainy style bread for extra chew, this rich, sweet and crispy combo contains Gouda cheese, maple glazed bacon, caramelized onions, a creamy tangy mayo/ Dijon sauce, and a splash of whiskey.


PICKLED PINEAPPLE SRIRACHA: Before you say nay, do yourself a favour and try this unusual mix of sriracha, pickled pineapple & cheddar from BBC GOOD FOOD.  It makes for a totally modern take on the traditional cheezey toastie and with a switch to vegan mayo & vegan cheese, this is a super tasty toastie that will be a delicious offering for anyone on a strictly plant based diet.


APRICOT THYME & GOATS CHEESE (VG): If super fast, sweet & savoury sounds like your thing, this winning combination from OLIVE MAGAZINE will be a weekend favourite. Great for a light vegetarian brunch, all you need is a good quality creamy goat’s cheese, fresh thyme, sweet apricot jam, and a lovely high top loaf.


CARAMELISED HAZELNUT APPLE TOASTIE (V)  Plant based baker Lauren Melissa created this delicious combo using sweet spice and buttery apples. A great vegan friendly snack it works well either in the pan or jaffle maker.  Made with cinnamon, sugar, sliced apples, hazelnut butter and your fave sourdough, be warned this one is a little bit addictive.



*Nuttelex plant based butters are free from nuts, eggs, lactose, dairy, soy, corn, gluten and cholesterol. They contain no preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours, and are GM free. See the Nuttelex range here