Country of Origin Labels

Australian made and owned since 1932, at Nuttelex we have always been proud to partner with local, like-minded growers and manufacturers to create our unique range of plant based table spreads. Some ingredients such as sunflower oil however, are not produced here in Australia in commercial quantities for food consumption, while others like olive oil that we do source locally, occasionally may also need to be sourced from overseas. Therefore, the country percentages shown on our new labels are the minimum quantity because the percentages of local versus overseas ingredients may vary from time to time depending on availability. And, as a small family owned company, we believe it would be environmentally and financially irresponsible to change over our packaging each and every time there are shortages in raw ingredients. So, these labels are in effect, worse case scenario. In reality, the percentages can be higher values. If you have any queries contact our customer care team at